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Arcade Games Returning In Their Retro Consoles

Time : 2019-11-29 11:49:36

                             Arcade Games Returning In Their Retro Consoles

Everything that smells like retro is all the rage. In recent years there has been an increase in interest in any type of trend, fashion or audiovisual content that has a certain nostalgic air of the 80s and 90s.

And this is especially noticeable in a sector that was born more than 40 years ago and that has not stopped expanding. It is no accident that the arcade game industry, today and leaving aside the e-sports revolution, moves more money than music and cinema together.

In this context of widening and of companies that spend huge budgets in the creation and distribution of their productions, new trends are emerging that demand a look at the past, the history of the medium itself to carry out an important informative work. Retro-Arcade Elx and Arcade Vintage are two Alicante nonprofit associations and pioneers in their proposal: bring to the present the recreation rooms of the late twentieth century.

In spite of the new technologies and the improvements in the graphics and formats of the arcade games, classics of the 80s and 90s like Donkey Kong, Metroid, arcade fish shooting games, Pac-Man, fish game gambling, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros and new proposals with retro style again monopolize the tastes of young and old and take place on the Internet and the Apps stores of Google and Apple

Whether by nostalgia or by its simplicity, arcade-style games still have a large community of followers, captured by that vintage style in recent years has become fashionable again.

There are many players who search the Internet or the App stores proposals that remind them of the mythical coin machines in which with only two buttons you could play for hours and hours. Now, luckily, they can do it through computer screens, phones and tablets, and in most cases, without spending any pennies.

There are some mythical games, like Street Fighter, that never really left. But nostalgic like us prefer a thousand times when they return in retro mode. There are others, such as Pac-Man, for example, who return as they were but for new devices.

One way or another, the reality is that we love to enjoy old arcade games like when we were little. And as recreational machines, arcade games and everything in the eighties and nineties in general are back in fashion, many manufacturers and distributors of arcade games are recovering some of their best-known titles and products.

 Here are some of them. However, although today you can play any old arcade game like arcade fish shooting games and fish game gambling by emulation on a computer, the feelings are not the same. This helps to ensure that all this interest in the restoration, maintenance and dissemination of the history of the game can be maintained over time.

Surely sometime in your childhood you played a Pac-Man or a Mario Bros and you still enjoy them as an adult, but you will also have played other less popular games that are returning more and more every day, games like arcade fish shooting games and fish game gambling. With which you could spend hours and hours of fun. Well, they are back.